About Sagacity Ministries

The journey of the wise

Your longing to grow closer to God through studying His Word brings you into the company of the wise.

Wisdom was God’s first creation (Proverbs 9:10), and through it, He laid the path of righteousness upon which you and I, as His followers, are called to walk.  

By studying the Scriptures greater in depth, we discover the richness and the blessing that His Word has to offer.       

To this purpose, Sagacity Ministries focuses on in-depth teachings from Scripture for the believers who seek to deepen their knowledge and understanding of God and His Word.

Meet Wilhelmien

Wilhelmien is a Pastor, who travels internationally to teach the Word of God.

She began her career in the corporate world, in South Africa, her country of origin.

As she advanced up the corporate ladder through the disciplines of Industrial Engineering, Human Resources Development, Strategic Planning and Executive Management, she always knew that another career path was still waiting for her. She answered her call to Ministry in 2000.    

Wilhelmien subsequently studied Theology and is an ordained Pastor. During 2003 she and her husband, Johan, immigrated to Switzerland. From there she began traveling abroad, teaching at various international Bible schools on different continents.

It was during such a visit to the Philippines that Wilhelmien was deeply touched by the conditions of the people there, and with the help of friends and family, established two NGO’s: One to effect community transformation and the other to support children in extreme poverty with education and development.

Her wide-ranging life experience enables Wilhelmien to speak to a broad audience.

A personal message from Wilhelmien

Welcome to Sagacity Ministries.

This ministry is here for you, to gain renewed insight and revelation from the Word of God.

With all the information and different Schools of thought, available, your ability to discern and rightly divide the Word of truth, has now become a very important part of your spiritual life.

To enable you, I focus on helping you gain a thorough understanding of the Word, in proper context, through weekly insights from Scripture, online courses, and events.

I invite you to join me and subscribe below, to Insights from Scripture and I will share more with you, directly to your inbox.

May you be blessed by the insight and revelation you gain from His Word.