Our Big Why

The saying is that we, as a society, have become “information rich but knowledge poor.”

Faith teachings have not escaped this trend. The need for knowledge rich content, which is, Biblical truth in proper context has now become vital to our spiritual well-being.

Scriptural knowledge understood in proper context, enhance our ability to divide the Word of truth rightly and to cut through the information fog with sound judgment and discernment.

Creating a New Norm

Having a thorough understanding of Scripture must become the new norm. To know the Word of God in proper context is possible, and should be the minimum we expect to have.


Our focus is to shine the light through Scripture by providing,

  • in-depth studies of the Word of God, presented in a clear and concise manner
  • reveal insights from Scripture in proper context
  • teachings delivered in a revelatory way, which addresses a personal need
  • in-depth knowledge and understanding
  • extracting the principles taught by God, which govern and directs the course of life

Through this, we help the believer to grow closer in their relationship with God, as they get to know His character, intent, and purpose.

When this BIG WHY resonates within your heart, I want to invite you to join me in partnership.

Become a Partner

Benefits of Partnership

As a partner, you are highly valued and appreciated. Being like minded and connected with a spiritual vision, we help people grow close in their relationship with God.

As a partner, I want to bless you in your walk with God.

You will receive:

  • monthly, a teaching for partners
  • discounts on all teachings and courses offered

Help to Create a New Norm

Monthly Partnership

Let us build a momentum by multiplying our reach, using a wide range of media, in reaching fellow-believers on every continent.

Creating a new norm together

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A Huge Thank You!

Thanks to people like you, the good news of eternal life has spread to every continent. Now let us join hands in helping them discover more in-depth teachings which Scripture offer, growing closer in their relationship with God.

Thank you for becoming a partner in such an important mission.